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Declared Monuments in Hong Kong - Outlying Islands  
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Waglan Lighthouse

This Lighthouse declared as a monument on 29 December 2000. It commenced operation in 1893, is one of the five surviving pre-war lighthouses in Hong Kong i.e. Green Island (two on the island), Waglan Island, Tang Lung Chau and at Cape D'Aguilar.Hong Kong owes its prosperity to trade and its harbour was a regular port of call even before 1841. It was recognized by the Government and the business community that provisions should be made for lighting along the coasts.

When first opened the lighthouse was equipped with an up-to-date light, burning mineral oil with rotating apparatus floating on mercury and was initially run by the Chinese Maritime Customs from Shanghai. Following the lease of the New Territories in 1898, it was transferred to the the Hong Kong Government who took over on 1 January 1901. During the Second World War, Waglan Lighthouse was extensively damaged by bombing. Repairs took place after 1945. It has been unmanned since August 1989. It acted not only as a navigation aid, but also an outpost where weather information on the eastern corner of the territory is collected and fed to the Hong Kong Observatory. It is now under the management of Marine Department.


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Waglan Island


This lighthouse is still running under the management of the Marine Department. For security and operational reasons, it is not open to the public.

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