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Declared Monuments in Hong Kong - Hong Kong Island  
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Cape D' Aguilar Lighthouse

Being one of the five surviving pre-war lighthouses in Hong Kong, Cape D'Aguilar Lighthouse was declared a monument on 3 March 2006.

Situated at the southeast of Hong Kong Island, Cape D'Aguilar Lighthouse, the first of its kind built in Hong Kong, was put into service on 16 April 1875. The existing structure is a round stone tower, 9.7 metres high and white in colour. The tower base, the arched doorway and the circular staircase are of fine masonry. The door is made of iron with geometric decoration on top.

As a result of the operation of Waglan Island Lighthouse in 1893, Cape D'Aguilar Lighthouse became superfluous, and was discontinued in 1896. The disused first-order light was removed from Cape D'Aguilar and, together with the light apparatus, was subsequently transferred to Green Island in 1905 to replace the fourth-order light. It was not until 1975 that the lantern of Cape D'Aguilar Lighthouse was re-lit and automated.

Cape D'Aguilar Lighthouse once played an important role in the maritime history of Hong Kong. It is now under the management of Marine Department.


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Cape D'Aguilar Peninsula

This lighthouse is still running under the management of the Marine Department. For security and operational reasons, it is not open to the public.

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