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Result of Selection

The Hong Kong Cultural Heritage : Lai Chi Kok Hospital

Lai Chi Kok Hospital


Address: No. 800 Castle Peak Road, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon

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* Gross Floor Area: 6,500 m2

Year Built: 1921 – 1924

* Grading: Grade III

Possible Uses: Holiday camp, hostel, arts and cultural village, educational institute

Selected Project :
The Hong Kong Cultural Heritage by Hong Kong Institution for Promotion of Chinese Culture


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Capital cost: About $193.9 million

* Government subsidy required for operation of social enterprise: About $2 million

General Project Description

To establish a regional cultural city - "The Hong Kong Cultural Heritage" with a view to:

Conserving the heritage building and historic values of the site and its neighboring communities;

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* Promoting Chinese cultural education and experiences to Hong Kong people and overseas visitors;

Organising various Chinese cultural education programmes, cultural exchanges between Hong Kong and overseas, study tours, forums and workshops; and

* Encouraging social engagement and promoting economy and harmony of the community.

How to reflect or bring out Historical Significance of the Building


The project will set up a cultural hostel with 85 guest rooms and Chinese landscaped gardens. The design of the Chinese landscaped garden is compatible with the original colonial architecture and will transform the heritage site into a cultural landmark.

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It will also establish a conservation gallery and a heritage gallery to display the development history of the former hospital and the Lai Chi Kok district.

* Free public access is allowed which will encourage public appreciation of the historical value and significance of the heritage site.

Technical and Design Aspects


The site area is the largest among those historic buildings under the Revitalisation Scheme. The area is about 32,000 m2 with more than 15 blocks on 3 different levels. They will be connected by tower lifts and bridges.

* The Chinese landscaped garden is the major design feature of the project. This design comprises modern breath as well as Chinese cultural and architectural elements.

The project demonstrates a very thorough research, good understanding of the place and conservation guidelines and suggests effective measures in overcoming site constraints.

* The project cost is fair with clear and detailed estimate provided. The project can preserve the heritage site and bring it with a new lease of life.

Social Benefits

The project will:

Put the heritage site into good adaptive re-use and bring a new lease of life to the Lai Chi Kok Hospital. It will also attract local, China and overseas visitors to the district;

* Help promote heritage, national education and Chinese culture in the territory and achieve synergy effect;

Demonstrate the history of the former hospital and also the district and facilitate cultural exchanges between Hong Kong, China and overseas; and

* Offer 50 training positions for hotel management and tourism students each quarter and widens the exposure of the local community to Chinese culture.

Selected Organisation


The Hong Kong Institution for Promotion of Chinese Culture was established in 1985.

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* The Institution links intellectuals and scholars in different places and promotes cultural work.

It aims to advocate, introduce and promote Chinese culture; promote communications between cultural circles in Hong Kong and overseas; promote Chinese cultural development, facilitate cultural exchanges between Hong Kong, Mainland China and foreign nations.


Its services include publications of books and journals on cultural researches; organisation of academic conferences, seminars and cultural study tours; organisation of lectures, exhibitions and performances, etc.

Way Forward

* The selected organisation has to:
  • Complete the detailed project design;
  • Complete the required administrative procedures;
  • Seek planning permission from the Town Planning Board on the intended usage;
  • Seek formal funding approval from the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council;
  • Carry out the renovation work (anticipated renovation period: around 21 months);
  • Apply for licences (where applicable) for intended operations;and
  • Sign with government agreements on operations of the social enterprise and preservation of the historic building.
* Anticipated Project Commissioning Time: Q2 2012 (Jao’s Exhibition Hall); Q4 2012 (Others works)

Anticipated Breakeven Time: Year 3