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Virtual Tour on Batch I Historic Buildings

Old Tai Po Police Station
  The Old Tai Po Police Station was built in 1899 shortly after the British leased the New Territories. It was the first police station and Police Headquarters in the New Territories. It operated until the new district police station in Tai Po started up in 1987.  
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Lui Seng Chun table header rightcorner
  Lui Seng Chun was built and owned by Mr. Lui Leung who was one of the founders of the Kowloon Motor Bus Company (1933) Ltd. In 1929, Mr. Lui appointed W. H. Bourne, a local architect specialized in designing shophouses (also known as “Tong-lau”) to construct Lui Seng Chun, and the building was completed in around 1931.  
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Lai Chi Kok Hospital
  The Lai Chi Kok Hospital site is comprised of an upper section and a lower section. The buildings in the lower section, which were built between 1921 and 1924, are comparatively with longer history than those in the upper section. The Lai Chi Kok hospital was originally a prison. It was converted into an infectious diseases hospital and a relief hospital in 1938. With the opening of the infectious diseases wards in Princess Margaret Hospital in 1975, the Hospital was then used for convalescent psychiatric patients and special skin patients. It was renamed as LCKH HACare Home prior to its closure.  
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North Kowloon Magistracy table header rightcorner
  The building was constructed around 1960 and is a representative example of civic buildings of the period. It has some social and historical values because of its role in the judicial development of Hong Kong in the post-war period. The Judiciary closed the court building down in early 2005 and the building has been vacated since then.  
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Old Tai O Police Station
  The Old Tai O Police Station was built in 1902 to supervise the Tai O area with a main duty of combating pirates prevalent in the neighbouring waters. At the beginning only six or seven policemen were stationed at the police station but by the year 1983 the number of police officers had increased to over 180. In view of the extremely low crime rate in the Tai O area the Station was turned into a patrol post only in 1996. The Station was left vacant since November 2002.  
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Fong Yuen Study Hall table header rightcorner
  Fong Yuen Study Hall, formerly the Chan Study Hall, was first built by the Chan clan of Tin Liu before the 1900s. The Chan Study Hall was rebuilt with Western influence and renamed as “Fong Yuen Study Hall”, literally meaning a nice place for study, in the 1920s to 30s. During the Japanese Occupation, the Japanese Army invaded Ma Wan and troops were stationed in Fong Yuen Study Hall before they transferred to other stations. The study hall was then suspended and was reopened after the war.  
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Mei Ho House
  The Estate originally consisted of 28 Mark I blocks and 1 Mark II block and Mei Ho House was one of the first 8 six-storey Mark I H-shape blocks completed in 1954. The H-shaped block is the earliest design of Mark I resettlement buildings, while Mei Ho House is the only surviving H-block in Hong Kong which bears the witness of resettlement and also the public housing history.  
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