King Yin Lei: King Yin Lei - a Healthy Living Centre based on Pu’er Tea & TCM

General Project Description

Historical Significance

The historical significance of the building will be demonstrated and maintained by:

Technical Aspects

King Yin Lei - a Healthy Living Centre based on Pu’er Tea & TCM complies with conservation guidelines by:

Social Benefits

The project will bring benefits to the society by:

Selected Organisation

Tianda Institute, established in 2005, is a Hong Kong-based strategic studies think tank which brings together resources and expertise within the global Chinese academic communities for promoting Hong Kong’s position as a global city. 

International Pu’er Tea Association Limited, established in 2017, is dedicated to promoting general health of the Hong Kong community through better understanding of the health values of Pu’er tea and promotion of tea culture as a Chinese heritage and a healthy lifestyle. Chinese Medicine (Global) Promotion Association Limited, a company renamed in 2020, is formed to promote the innovative development of traditional Chinese Medicine to serve the community and the general public.

Way Forward