Man Mo Temple

While small, Hong Kong developed within a matter of decades from a fishing village into one of the world's most advanced cities and a "Pearl of the Orient" on the Pacific Ocean. One of the contributing factors is a comprehensive and highly efficient governing and judicial structure. The compact functionality of the Central Police Station Compound is a reflection of this spirit. Meanwhile, early Chinese residents in Hong Kong who were learned in Chinese ethics and aristocratic traditions actively maintained the traditional community model of conflict resolution alongside a western judicial mode.

Even today, Hollywood Road maintains a vivid representation of the east-meets-west quality of the mid-levels over a century ago. Only 500 metres away from the solemn Central Police Station, the Man Mo Temple of Hong Kong Island ( built around 1847 ) with its ceramic figurines on the ridges watching over the community, presents an intriguing contrast to the Central Police Station Compound.

Central Police Station Compound Man Mo Temple Compound Story Hollywood Road HONG KONG HERITAGE SERIES   BUILT IN HONG KONG Conserve and Revitalise Hong Kong Heritage Antiquities and Monuments Office Man Mo Temple Lit Shing Kung Kung Sor Virtue Court (Built in 1994) Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Management of the temple Community affairs Burning ceremonial papers Cutting off the head of a chicken Five Classics Four Books Kwan Tai Man Cheong Stone columns dou Timber structures gong The courtyard Incense pavilion